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I think the volatility is a good defense against them, but if there is money to be had the IRS is going to go after it even if its difficult. I think most legitimate site keep some kind of records, like I know coinbase does. Its just not worth the risk to me to be the 1 in 10000 they choose to fuck in the ass

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/biz/ if you want to be rich why not just convert to Judaism? All you gotta do is have a little hutzpah in you and all kinds of windows open up. Is your foreskin really that important to you goy?

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thats too low schlomo... but you already knew this

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HAHA, I had my Ether in Liqui but I managed to get it out quick enough.

I've learned over and over and again that you need to be fucking READY to throw you ether at the ICO as soon as it begins.

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