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>n....noooooo you cant just make profits off a coin that I dont have too, s.s...stop it!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Imagine making a thread just because you seethe this hard, I often do not post on Statera threads because it's the comfiest hold I have, but this is definitely pathetic levels of seethe

Ignore Statera, think about actually posting a thread to claim negative chart trends and gloat about how you did not invest in said asset, now think about how much rope you will need when said assets do well contrary to OP's retarded belief, now think about posting this on an anonymous cheese farming IRC blog, stellar work OP you actually took time out of your day to create a thread for a coin you do not hold or like just to help yourself cope with the fact that a lot of intelligent investors see a bright future with this project that you cannot see so you find yourself as the most woke and want everyone else to know how woke you truly are
>forest for trees

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bought 27c and 23c here. Thought about selling many times but I have a policy of never selling unless I make a profit. Didn't have the balls to buy more at 7c though. Just holding on for dear life.

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