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>We've known this for weeks now. This isn't news.
This is incorrect, and faggotry.
This is correct.
Now we know why Berkshire wanted to be below the 10% that forces them to declare transactions: they wanted to dump all of it.

This is also correct. 9 puts in work and would make a better gf/wife/mother because she has discipline.

Roling for 9>3>2>1>7>power gap >8>5

Yeah... I think I’ll buy some RTX in the low 40’s.

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Smg is not one person and 5 hours after the close on a Friday isn’t the best indication. But yeah there are a lot of total retards you need to filter out as you’re learning but usually you learn what’s bad info if you pay attention long enough. Often, if they specifically talk about politics they’re not even worth reading.

There’s some people who play meme momentum well, and some people who like long term buy and hold.

I know I’ve only been burned on “value” investing, so I’m sticking with companies with a bright future, and ones with solid balance sheets to get through this crisis, and Berkshire.

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