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Nice try moshe

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Number go up I hodl
Number go down I buy
Number reach 5K I start to sell
Simple as

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Shut up kike

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Literally proving your coin is shit. Miners are only on it because it hasn't become completely unprofitable to mine. They're gonna have to keep dumping everything they mine to cover costs because your second layer solution kikes the miners. If another chain comes along fat with fees thus making it more profitable to mine, then the vast majority of the hashpower is gonna follow that regardless of your mimblewimble faggotry. You've been BTFO over and over in this thread yet the shekels you get for your (you)s just keeps you coming back for more you desperate corecuck shill.

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Low tier FUD, don't you ever get bored of shilling instead of doing something valuable with your life?

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Bitcoin Cash is a jewcoin.

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