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>telegram. Or ask their support channels.

Good idea as well will do

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>I am so fucking jaded by this market that I can't tell if this a joke or not.

Me too bro me too

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I read this as if it was my mommy who was reading me a story when i was a kid.
Beyond comfy & based.

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Love you too

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Hello silver miner bro
Retard who fatfingered his whole BHS stack away here.

Just posting to let you know i didn't kms. This is very kind of you to be such a fren and caring about pmgbros.
But i'll refuse your offer, first because i don't want to abuse the generosity of anyone, i have to live with my mistakes, that's how i always lived. And also because i don't want anyone to profit from your generosity by larping as me to get a free stack.

Just knowing there are such frenship over here is enough for me to cope with my retardness, money isn't everything, and simply knowing we pmgbros are helping each other is well worth my BHS stack to vanish.

Love you all frens!

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It's ok fren, if i check it, will you stop being sad? I don't like it when my frens are sad

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but ur up 1 fren

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Cute apu

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Are you serious or an I being memed?
pls no buli

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I need to get some help with investing, and know which platforms / "apps" / whatever to get investments. Or whatever coin link you guys are into. Help a retard out.

>Finished highschool
>Not going to college because I'm dumb
>"Why didn't you go to college anon" from everyone
>Get a job
>Have $500 in savings

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We're gonna make it XYXbros. Feels good to finally be this early in something.

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Thanks fren. We are all gonna make it. Let's get a 100x.

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best of luck to you fren!

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hey man, some of us are poorfags yet trying to make it despite against all the odds.

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shit is rough fren

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I had 5500 linkies now I am down to 4500 :(

it ok fren I hope we make it

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ahhh yeah shit man, I feel you, I built a 2070 rig last summer then lucked out on scan and found an FE 3070 at MSRP about a week after it came out, snatched it. Market is so fucked right now it's unreal

good luck getting your xbox anon, still got my One X

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congratulations everyone I think we all unironically are going to make it. My banker grandparents just called and said big plans are coming.

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if you dont act like a jew or a pajeet we can still be frens

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I almost bought on uniswap but the 3 dollars fees seemed too expensive at the time.
Checked btw

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i missed u too fren

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