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>100x in 12 hours with 150k liquidity
I'm not shilling, I'm just genuinely confused.

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looks like a sports person.
He probably works way more than 40h per week.
He's also genetically lucky.
And he's extremely lucky not to have had career-ending injuries, that many other talented and hard working athletes get, basicallty pushing them back to square one.
It's a lottery for hard working people, the exact opposite of what you'd imagine OP.

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>Molecular Biology
>Finna go to the moon

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This is really the best fud people have against pnk? Many in this cyber community will not make it...

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Anons, I can't express my gratitude enough. 2 years ago I arrived at this Indian tapestry weaving forum after quickly losing interest in /pol/. I only discovered that board because of HWNDU. When I arrived, ANS was getting ready for it's rebrand into NEO. I had .01 BTC at the time and only had the courage to buy one ANS before it started to pump out of reach. I felt like I missed the most obvious thing in the world. I saw the memes and still didn't buy. I was upset that I didn't have the courage to lose my measly .01 BTC and gamble on buying as many ANS as I could. After the ANS pump, I remember that I started noticing posts about LINK. I found most of them to be quite humorous. After a awhile I noticed that it had a vibe about it that was similar to the ANS vibe when the ANS memes were peaking. I bought a 100 at .34 cents just to participate in the meme. At the time, I was a poorfag on SSDI. Actually, that part hasn't changed yet. I saw some other memes and I found out that I was a neet living on disability with parents. NEET wasn't awesome to me. I'm an oldfag, too. (37) I had worked hard for money and knew the satisfaction that you get from a hard day's work. I felt like a drain on my 70 yo old silent generation father who is still working to this day. I hadn't had a manic episode in a few months and this new medication for my Bipolar II seemed to be working. I decided I wanted to make my parents proud. I researched cheap ways to get a bachelor's degree. I found a way to get a new type of bachelor's degree. It's called a BAS or Bachelor's of Applied Science. I didn't think much of the degree because it's an add-on degree. You had to have an Associate's of Applied Science. Which I did. The cost to go to this community college in Spokane was reasonable I could get it funded using FAFSA funds. I enrolled but I didn't take the extra loans out to buy as much LINK as possible. I go to school for the next 21 months all online. (1/4)

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This website is dangerous. You think shit is anonymous. Look in my psychotic escapade I performed some rituals said some made up spells and one day God showed up in a Hawaiian shirt looking like he was vacation with a fat belly and a beard almost Santa Claus looking but not quite that fat. At the time, I believed that I was an Angel on Earth trying to find God to prevent WWIII. It was when the campaigns for the last election started. I believed that there were two spirits inhabiting the world one created by God that was the Spirit of Jesus Christ and the one created by satan the Jezebel Spirit. I came to this conclusion on my own from the spiritual experience I believed I was experiencing. I believed that when I met God. I "won his game" being the humorous god that He is. He was running a game with the angels that the first one to find him on Earth would get to take his place when he "retires." I won that shit anon and life has changed. But my meds and my doctor's all agree it's better for me to hold these thoughts in cognitive dissonance from the actual reality I'm experiencing. But Kanye having the change of life that he has. Really has me buggin. I really think I beat his bipolar as in the psychic war for King of the Universe. It was a rap battle. When I'm manic I'm better than most famous rappers. The battle happened around the time of the election. Do you want to know more?

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Best boi

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will he save us?

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>if myspace fails no-one will invest in facebook

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bottom shorting bears are getting nervous as fuck
can you feel it, /biz/?

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Based boomer Sminem

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faggot op btfo. I am even a no-linker i'll join you fags at 15 cents its happening nigger

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>That 12 year old millenial that posts boomer memes to get some attention and (you)s

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I just saw multiple threads about it and it made me confused, hoping to clear the confusion with this thread. So it was all FUD? America isn't turning ICOs into securities? Also if they would have done, what would it mean?
What exactly is a security?

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can't you sense it?
bottom shorters are about to get ABSOLUTELY rekt

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according to etherscan I'm the 433th holder
is this any good?

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>trusting a proof of stake system where the developer owns at minimum 10% of the supply. I swear ethereum users have brain damage.

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I miss the old /biz/ with actual autists. now it's full of loser normies trying to bully each other for not being traditionally masculine. I blame /pol/ for this

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givin' back sum luv to Bizrael, I owed you guys the jewel of spreading the word of mining RVN in early february

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100% true
Not sure how this refutes his point, but I can't really refute yours. Although a billion dollars can probably buy you safety, besides they got poltical connections. Still too risky and low-reward for me though.

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