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>You have 8k LP Tokens and this is just 5% of your portfolio? Holy shit.
there's always opportunities anon, BAO is the next one, if you stick around for a few crypto cycles you can be where I am and beyond
you have to play it right though, you need to keep moving from opportunity to opportunity
~90% of my portfolio is in a combination of chainlink and linkpool (ICO buyer)

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nice grokking anon
we're surfing a pyschic wavelength right now
and it's so advanced that some smoothbrains think we're a quantum AI bot developed by the rulers of the world

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>Could make an interesting movie combining few stories from various boards
we are the movie now
and it's live and always /happening/
what we call "memes" today are actually modern-day hieroglyphs

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>The only thing your woman should be responsible for is cooking/grocery shopping, cleaning, and making/taking care of your babies

>Your relationship will never work because you view her as an equal. She isn't your equal. She is a woman, you are a man.
so true

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>kek, this chick must have sucked some dick to get on the panel.
you jelly

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>Not a single mention of 216 in this thread
you're wrong btw:
episode 1216
also song related:

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>You can almost hear them shaking on the other side of the computer terminal
>They probably try to copy you when you are not around
without a doubt

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This a nobrainer, CB is interested in mAssets

t. insider

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>we all have to swim in the same waters
>we are all born into this system and have been *grandfathered* in, so to speak.

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[email protected]

Thanks fren, we gun make it

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>Men who work for female CEO's have mental issues.
funny enough I had a female manager at my first job and also had a great female colleague who assisted me in my R&D.
they were both excellent engineers and mentors and I enjoyed working with them more than I did with some of the older men (most of them had ego and pride issues that inhibited them from being good teachers)

That being said, those two women essentially acted like men and were very masculine in their thinking and personalities. They are the exceptions to the rule. Almost all women are not like them and are not suitable for leadership roles.

I recognize that a minority of women have very masculine traits and those are the only women I would accept as my equal in business and politics. Even those very rare women are still outclassed by men due to the nature of the masculine to have more extreme outliers (both retarded and genius) compared to women.

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Im waiting for the moment when the clouds clear and the world as it was is revealed to the public, that the scumbag trannys targeting the hope and morale of the future elite on this board finally realize who they are fucking with. I dont actually wish ill on you and your mangled genetalia. I pray for remorse and self reflection, as that would probably be more painful to you abominations than a weekend trip to hell. You temporarily sick fucks dont understand the power of love, family, and country. I pray that you find your way back to humanity by learning these things. Somethings got to give, we can come together and be a better species when this is all over. I truly believe this. There really is a middle ground out there for us all to walk together on. I love you stupid marxist trannys as much as the rest of the human race and theres nothing you can do about it except learn to love us back. Old games arent meant for the new world, but you all still have a place there as long as you take this time to remember what it means to be human. God bless you all and i wish you and your families health and safety like i would wish any other anon here. Why not take the weekend off shills?

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very cool picture Matthew
thanks again

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read a lot of his foundation series books as a teenager
mfw 42 is teaching the future AI about God

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>What suggestions would you give a eurofag for this pandemic?
pool resources with close family (parents, siblings, etc.) and bunker down
we've been bartering some extra supplies we have with our close community of friends and family

pool your cash, your supplies, and bunker down together
if you're all living in separate apartments move back in with your parents (if they have the space) so that you can all take care of each other
shed off any unnecessary financial obligations and make plans for a vegetable garden this summer (if you have the land for it)
chickens aren't a bad idea either

I'm already making these plans and more. Me and my waifu moved out last week and are shacking with my parents
My brother and his wife will do the same shortly

The men will go out to earn money and our wives will stay at home cultivating the house
The men in our family will be preparing the vegetable garden and the women will be cooking for us

We've been prepping for years now and cultivating a large vegetable garden so my parents rural home is stocked up for at least a year

We're going to be expanding our operations now. My consulting business is still busy but our clients are working from home and there's no meetings or site visits until at least April.

I don't expect things to get better for the forseeable future.

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read a lot of Asimov in my early teens

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stfu bitch

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>What's even the point?
>If this shit is half of what I think it is I'm already targeted to die if not by some chink virus from decentralized assassinations
I don't want to frighten people too much, but chainlink is only a small part of what's happening
I'm not afraid of what the future holds for us, I'm actually really optimistic
have faith brother, God is more involved than people realize

>Is this some mark of the beast or age of aquarius soul freeing type shit?
it's admittedly a mixed bag

>Did I even pick this investment or did it pick me?
it's simultaneously both and neither

>I'm starting to think time really is not linear
it most definitely isn't
I suspect time is more granular at the smallest scales and time can be severely distorted by gravity/light dilation
recently read an interesting article talking about this:

>I've been having the most bizarre dejavus were I have whole conversations with the same person (strangers) at the same place in different times
I have mental "conversations" with historical figures all the time, Carl Yung did something similar

>I'm about to off myself unironically
that is the most severe mistake a human being can make
when you really think about it, suicide is the enemy (took that line from the show Hannibal)
clip related:

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[True] Ecological science, like all science, is relativistic, evolutionary, and progressive; that is, it regards all generalizations as hypothetical and is always ready to revise them. It seeks truth, but never claims to have obtained all truth.

Pop ecology, or ecological mysticism, is the reverse in all respects. It is absolutist, dogmatic, and fanatical. It does not usually refer its arguments back to ecological science (except vaguely and often inaccurately); it refers them to emotions, moral judgements, and the casual baggage of ill-assorted ideas that make up pop culture generally. Ecological mysticism, in short, is only rhetorically connected with the science of ecology, or any science; it is basically a crusade, a quasi-religion, an ideology

.....It is my suspicion that the usefulness of the ideology to the ruling elite is no accident....The tax-exempt foundations which largely finance Pop Ecology are funded by the so-called Yankee Establishment -- the Eastern banking-industrial interests of whom the Rockefellers are the symbols. If this Yankee financing is not "coincidental" and "accidental" (based on purely disinterested charity)--if the ecological-mystical movement is serving Yankee Banker interests--a great deal of current debate is based on deliberately created mutual misunderstanding

...Consider the following widely-published and widely believed propositions: "There isn't enough to go around." "The Revolution of Rising Expectations, since the 18th Century, was based on fallacy." "Reason and Science are to be distrusted; they are the great enemies." "We are running out of energy." "Science destroys all it touches." "Man is vile and corrupts Nature." "We must settle for Lowered Expectations."

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>its easy to say there is no excuse when you have food on your table
manual labour makes good money
cash on hand
people don't want to break their backs for cash so they choose to rob people or beg for money instead
I have no sympathy for criminals, they terrorize actual poor people who are struggling to feed their families
I work in social housing relating to my consulting firm so I see first hand how it works and these drug dealers and robbers take over the social housing unit and drive around in $100,000 cars smoking weed and blasting music all day
meanwhile the actual poor people that need the social housing live in terror and fear under the feudal drug gangs that are actually running these complexes
and the police know who it is and they don't do shit about it for fear of being labelled (racist)
meanwhile people are dying and living like dogs so that others can virtue signal

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>who here has read Tetraktys?
also the mentions of MMORPGs mirrored exactly what I was thinking regarding World of Warcraft; namely that it was a virtual laboratory for the intelligence agencies for recruiting, spying, and social experiments.

Vitalik was a big time WoW player and warlock and quit WoW once Blizzard made balance changes to the class and then he began dabbling in cryptocurrencies under the tutelage of his father

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>You will probably be assassinated for fucking with big energy's turf
it's funny, I saved their asses on more than few occasions by catching mistakes and doing my R&D for a large hydrogenerator OEM

I have a lot to be grateful for and was given opportunities that most people wouldn't even think was possible and all of it at a young age.

I don't see them as my enemies, rather I see opportunities for collaboration and success. There's always a way to do things better than is currently being done. I want to make this a reality.

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