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Holding exceptionally strong in sat as BTC pumped.
.7% of the supply for sale, or 51 MNs.

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XSN broke through a resistance at 2400 sat after struggling to break it 2 days ago. Almost 2 weeks into a pump and it looks like it's about to rally again.
When did you buy in, /biz/?

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Were you on /biz/ in early 2017? If you weren’t, you may have missed a trend in sentiment and perspective that will become very important into 2021. It's all a matter of gearing.
A brief rundown
>Q1 2017
>BTC finally returns to 2013 ATH and breaks $1k again
>/biz/ thrilled, yet anxious as many anons back then were worn and tired from holding and suffering through the long bear market of 2014-15
>several anons with old-gen holdings began cashing out north of $1k
>this trend skyrocketed at $2k and peaks at $4k-5k
>blackpilled anons who cashed out prematurely go back in and reset the clock on their gains
When the market switches gearing from bearish to bullish (or vice-versa), the logic runs backwards like a car's transmission being shifted from R -> D. It tends to be very sudden. Expect it, or it will take you by surprise.

XSN was 75 cents in 2018. It has been on a long-overdue parabolic rise for >1 week now. It broke through multiple levels of resistance and is now stabilizing at prices and mcaps 400% higher than where it was last week.

Anyone that bought XSN in 2018 and held all this time would be outright foolish to cash out a single coin right now.

We're not in a bear market anymore. We're in the early stages of a bull market. Any bearish tendencies you see now are an echo of times fading - similar, in a reversed way, to the massive pumps crypto had in Spring 2018 as it was going deeper into to the red.

Draw on the wisdom of shell-shocked and blackpilled veterans of the older generations. Don't get dumped on for years only to cash out prematurely. Don't wipe all your gains because you've seen red for so long that it's all you expect to see.

Now is the time to buy and establish deep positions in this market. XSN has more than enough potential to hit a $10 billion market cap. Switch gears. How many dozen altcoins w/ no use-case have done the same? Look at XSN's use case. The odds are so very much in it's favor, they're almost impossible to deny.

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