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>lost $500 in stocks last year
>so IRS is giving me $4,000 credit on my tax refund

damn I love America

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LMT, WM, BA (maybe wait until earnings for them), DOW, SMG, DIA, SPY, QQQ

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only been asked to driving class once? thats nothing (also, was it because of points on license? or due to cop's demanding it (via the state) both are not fun)

i bet you can actually pass the vision test?
>need an eye doctor's note every time i go to the DMV or i lose my license on the spot

also my state has the highest auto insurance rates in the fucking country, and since i have a penis insurance costs more that fucking any car payments (unless you buy a vehicle that costs six figures or more)

I know that feel

>about to lose out on at least half my portfolio because need a new car (2 years of savings) at least
>selling some 'stuff' on the side past few weeks is the only reason im not broke already

being unemployed sucks

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