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Report Kevin & Team to SEC. team has inside information and trading TraM against their owner traders. E.g Olicoin fucker dumped all the XCM. he will buy once Kevin give him the order. All the XCM holders got fucked.

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Why this MF talk about Binance & other exchanges... Why doesn’t he clean up his own shit? Still Can’t withdraw my funds... WTF

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Told you This Kevin Guy is a serial scammer. SEPA is Disabled for last 2 weeks and now extended by another 4weeks. Fucker always challenge CZ but incompetent af.

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Hey CM moon boys. Your incompetent CEO talking about regulations. Collected 14 million dollar hired only one dev & Now he is planning to scam VC investors. What happened to the fucking money?

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Who shilled this fucking shit exchange here. Fuck you. Hi am losing serious money. CEO is a big scammer(incompetent af). Shilled everywhere about marketing & now fucking 4 months without a marketing manager. Order books are thin af. Shit

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Someone please give me some legitimate, well-sourced fud for this exchange. I've been doing my own amateur research and so far I can't help but think that this is going to make a lot of noise in the industry in a few years due to its normie appeal and early pro-regulation stance. The CEO seems down-to-earth but knowledgeable
I'm ready to dump a ton of change in this but I feel like there's some negatives I'm missing out on
All drive-by fud will be ignored (i.e. don't just say "it's a scam", explain how/why)

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