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Who else is planning on buying calls today?

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>slave worker makes transistors during the day and gets immediately executed at night
Seems like a very costly business model, that can't possibly be true...

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From my degenerate days, tinder, college parties, you have to look like you're in your mid 20s at the oldest. If you're ugly or look like you're a 30 y/o boomer then you have to go for the mentally ill ones who unironically want to fuck their dads.

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More like BEARcat amirite my fellow gamers?

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There are a ton of cheap SPCE 2022 calls, this shit will moon as soon as the first e-thot posts a selfie from LEO kek.
Alexa, what is the Ministry of State Security?
It depends, a lot of pharma stocks are similar to shitcoin PND scams. They come out with huge claims about potentially curing gonnaherpasiphilitis, pump on news and dump shortly after. From my experience, the key to success trading pharma stocks is to look at the research and see if their drug can a) actually do what they say, b) has a low risk profile so it is likely to get FDA approval and c) if there is a similar drug that already exists in the market.

This is my shill for TMDX, I might make it every other day or something from now on soit doesn't get annoying. The rate of DCD heart recoveries from only 2 centers is skyrocketing and TMDX builds the only FDA approved EVHP machine in the market. Within the transplant world, there are numerous other centers starting up DCD heart program. I naturally expect their earnings moving forward to increase significantly.

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buy HSY

Boomers found the newest sips

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