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I just sold my company and have to sign a non-compete. I think it's a good deal, but, I'm a bit lost at what I'll do moving forward. That business was my life.

Anyone know this feel? Do I just start researching my next business?

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reminder that racism is not allowed outside of /b/
also ROKU and SWBI

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OP doesn't actually give a shit about the metaphysical nature of karma, you guys.

He just wants petty revenge on the guy who called him a faggot in 9th grade.

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Think about all the shitcoins that just up and died for far less than a global pandemic. Chainlink's still kicking.

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I'm new to precious metals; should I be buying the 2020 gold/silver Eagles, considering everything else appears to be sold out? Or am I going to fuck myself doing this?

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