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I just sold my 12k LINK. Judging by the price I'm guessing I'm not the only one dipping out.

It was fun but I think the meme magic is officially dead. I might buy back in next year if some actual developments happen.

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You can never rely on gains, you can only rely on savings.

Just because the stock market has gone up in the past it doesn't mean it will go up in the future!

Just because the ratio of silver and gold is outside of historical norms it doesn't mean it will "revert to the mean"!

Just because bitcoin exploded in value a while back it doesn't mean that crypto is currently undervalued!

You cannot predict the future by seeing what happened in the past and assuming it will happen again. All bets are off.

The only thing you can do for sure to become wealthy is to save.

Investing isn't about chasing gains, it's about protecting against inflation aka managing downside risk aka protecting your savings from eroding!

Gains are merely a nice side-effect if you can get them they are not the path to wealth! The only path to wealth is to save.

The higher your income the more you can save. But it's still about saving!

This is the first and last time I am going to explain this.

How to get wealthy:
1. Earn as much as possible
2. So you can save as much as possible
3. And protect as much as possible

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