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>5 years ago
>Only use CBP

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>why I chose PRQ over GRT

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no less than 30 minutes ago i bought the literal top of COR within seconds lost 33%

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It’s a 9 billion dollar decentralized oracle network that .... feeds price data

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>xrp is getting ready to blast off
t. Anon, 2013

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Is there evidence that they are not covered?

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I work with 90% females but I’m in charge of all of them

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>yeah I’m holding GME how could you tell

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>Lol you stupid retards, GameStop is a dying company. It’s going to crash sooner or later. Stop wasting your money!
Why are so many people who don’t know what the play is even supposed to be trying to lecture us on how to invest?
They think that we think GameStop is a long term investment and we are just getting on a train and not planning to get off at the next stop.
Is it just negative Nancy cope?

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Heh, what a loser

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This will be a blessing in disguise frens
I bought LINK for an average of $4. I sold at $3.24 last night because I started to panic even though I posted a thread a few hours before that calling panic sellers retarded.
It’s going to tank back below $1 and I am going to use my $6,000 that was actually $8000 a week ago to buy several thousand LINK and make my money back a year from now. It’s all going to be okay frens. We’re gonna be fine. It’s fine. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE JUST FINE

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how hard is to earn 100 bucks from abmod per day?

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>you didn't buy at ATH or hodl everything throughout the whole bubble.
haha imagine some retard out there probably did both haha. can you imagine how assblasted this guy would be right now haha

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>l-lets pump it again guise

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>coping this hard

I do it too anon. It's the only thing that holds the rope away

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>howd they even get the funding to do what they did?

Ask the HMNY bagholders on /smg/

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>American auto industry

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deep down I get deep satisfaction from my job

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only have to pay tax if you made gains

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Trading while black feels
Sometimes I get the feeling people on exchanges know I’m black and try to take advantage of me.

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>TFW sold the absolute top of btc, but rebought at $16k

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C-consensus bullrun is still happening r-right?

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