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Ooohhh BMRN hit 80 while I was riding on an airplane today, I'm big ups despite gold retesting the low range. Only took 4 friggen months of waiting for gold to get to the buy zone I wanted in August kek
Dag remember how scared we all were? It seems like such a minor calamity in hindsight, all the flaming pumpkin red october posts, all the munchkin phone posting, what a great Christmas
Ya trying to post during market hours these days is like trying to be heard in twitch chat or something. Nightgang is so cozy tho :D

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"Concerted Sell"
Kinda textbook buy tail going on tho, I kinda wanna do a cutie daytrade :o
MO could be interesting, if it goes well it'll hit 41.40 ezpz
Always like to watch FUN as well, even tho I've never bot any in years of watching it >_>

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My head hurts but I remain bullish :3
Pls keep in mind neither you, your friends, nor anyone you know will be a shadowrunner, you'll be a slum-dweller who hauls garbage scows for dragon Peter Thiel

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snug autumn
Jeez luis, 1.7B to sell? I heard both 600M and 2.5B so I guess that's showing a happy medium?

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Good morning! Futures looking placid, buyers retain control even after this morning's disconcerting bearish action :D
Mr. Scoops u should not have saved that image as "aqua-balling.png", it's "bawling"
Angel's Landing, I've been there :o

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'Daq futures leading us down, Russel least affected. Day of the Value Investor approaching?
I'm upset they haven't leaked dms between billionaires and stuff, I bet there's some interesting stuff in there :<

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order cat's claw from postmates like I told you, assess toe damage and sterilize if it's cut, try n set the bone then wrap tightly with bandages or clean cloth, you'll get well soon

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It's almost April already!
Everyone remember what T.S. Eliot said about that one :O

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absolutely not, it could litorally go to zero (not that it will, 15.11 soon) and I'll never let go. I still have my HMNY share, it's like a witch doctor's severed head it gives me great power over forgotten stockies. The thing in my tarot said YES.

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