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>Coinbase working to implement L2
Oh. Wait... isn't L2 a scam? Only when XSN does it better than everyone else I guess.
Guess which DEX will have an unusually strategic position that allows it to receive BTC, ETH, LINK, etc almost instantly and for next to no money when sent from L2?
Guess which DEX provides the best trading fees - even if on L1 for initial deposits?
XSN, of course.
Thank you obsessed fudders for weeks of free promotion. The way you bump your own threads 40 times and stick with them for hours and froth at the mouth at the mere mention of those three letters you despise so very much - it takes a lot of work.
I think it's absolutely hilarious of you to keep going as if anyone will believe your incessant wailing and not see your desperate ploys for attention and elementary school fud. Enjoy being the new class of nolinkers. Stay mad, keep fudding XSN to the top.

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They only FUD it so obsessively because they're afraid of it.

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All the big players in the industry still pretend that XSN doesn't exist, yet every week there's a new ICO hypecoin that copies off of XSN in some way. CEXs like Binance happen to coincidentally go all in on these poser tokens and get directly involved in "buidling" them. A week later, they repeat the same process from scratch.
Isn't it odd to you how, even though Stakenet was years ahead of their time in building these defi solutions, all the CEXs that larp about "cultivating startups with integrity" have done nothing but snub XSN and back food coins?
Using Bitcoin or Ethereum's layer 1 to swap assets is a dead-end. Both networks are already too congested as-is and there's no way in hell they can serve their intended purposes as P2P cash and executing smart contracts respectively while handling the bloat that comes from trading altcoins at high volumes.
Use of layer 1 should ideally be made as well-optimized as possible. Reduction of on-chain bloat is reduction of fees and on-chain wait times.
ERC-20 tokens that attempt to build a trustless swap DEX using smart contracts at L1 on Ethereum are an equally futile effort, and yet... CEXs go all in on backing and hyping them.

Bitcoin and Ethereum scale best on Layer 2. XSN has been building towards this approach since 2018 and, more recently, they've been collaborating directly with the Raiden devs in doing so. Most scoffed at the notion of using L2 for a long time. Ever since Uniswap demonstrated how bad L1 is for real-time DEX trading, the industry gatekeepers are suddenly aware of L2 and how significant it will be in making proper interchain bridging infrastructure.
I still think they will ultimately give in and back XSN and that most of these interim tokens are a distraction. They're indirectly priming the whole crypto space to get excited about what XSN is just about finished building. For all that promotion, XSN paid them 0 dollars.
Get your MNs in before Raiden. It's very close.

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fudders will be the new nolinkers

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Prove me wrong: Stakenet has quietly had a major impact on the industry and it will spearhead some of the biggest gains in all of decentralized finance as the vast chasm narrows between the concepts its been inventing and building upon for years and the general understanding of these concepts grows and moves closer to the center and away from the fringes.
XSN threads were quietly on /biz/ all through the depths of the 2018-19 bear market. They were usually one-off generals.
Through 2020 and especially since June as the DEX progressed from private to open beta, there has been a notable uptick in XSN threads.
It's no coincidence that within a few weeks of Stakenet making some waves like
>aggregating orders from Binance, Livecoin, and Bitfinex's orderbooks
>getting one coin deposit working
>exhibiting time and time again - pretty much everyday - why Layer 1 is not a good idea for on-chain tx
It was only after this that you began to see ICOs come out of the woodwork offering the same ideas and concepts - on an ERC20, at that, and oftentimes backed by very moneyed and influential people who quite frankly should know better.
It's only been in the past few weeks that Layer 2 has become a popular topic of discussion. Now more and more recognizable experts are admitting L2 is the natural way forward, and with it comes the interest of those who bank on their word.

Don't let the experts "inform" you in another 8 months that building directly on Ethereum (rather than for Ethereum) and being co-dependent on its network and future plans for everything (rather than being independent) "might actually stunt" native interchain L2 interoperability.
Sell your UNI at the best possible price, buy XSN dips, and make it lads.

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It is the way.

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Love it, hate it, XSN isn't going away and it has built an infrastructure that will effectively allow it first movers position on a massive decentralized interchain economy.
There's a reason people are so autistic and extreme about it.
Ideas form societies and cultures, you know.

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>wall of unsubstantiated seethe
quite a ways from the old 'its vaporware' line

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Daily reminder to get your MNs in before Raiden interop and before it breaks $1.

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>LN swaps working at near perfect success rate (99%?) with multiple coin pairs
>DEX in open beta
>Successful L2 BTC/ETH swaps
>Raiden interop a few weeks away
>predicted the DeFi trend 2.5 years before anyone else and got to work on building its economy before anyone else cared about it
XSN will moon violently. $1 by Christmas is a very real possibility.

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The fudders are working overtime today. They are absolutely obsessed with XSN.
That's as bullish as it gets.

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Today, X9 announced that Lightning watchtowers are up and working. Fudders are having an absolute meltdown about it.
If you think these tantrums are funny, just wait until Raiden. You will see unparalleled levels of seethe.

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1 MN > $1 mln

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XSN always delivers

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As crypto grows and becomes more convoluted with ICOs and hype into next year, XSN will be the trading platform and the coin other alts try to "kill".
We're already half way there.
Everything DeFi larps about doing, Stakenet has already done. I can think of at least 2 new tokens that showed up in the past month to run an ICO by copypasting XSN's ideas and promising that "we'll do exactly what XSN is doing (even though we pretend they don't exist) even better.. with an ETH token sidechain solution.. if you give us money upfront and 2 years..". Both of them backed by relatively big players. It is a futile battle.
XSN's framework is sound and scalable at a foundational level. It will be of immense benefit to BTC and ETH.
A need for what XSN just so happened to have been building since 2018 is becoming increasingly evident week by week.

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Notice how all the new tokens in crypto are just copying off of XSN without giving them any credit? Some of them are even backed by the biggest people in the industry.

XSN is the real deal

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Forgive them. They are retarded
XSN could hit $1 in the next few weeks

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Get your MNs in before Raiden integration goes public.

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I can't think of any other coin so out on the forefront and cutting-edge.
It will only be a matter of time until this hits a $100 million market cap.

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This is by far one of the easiest picks for this cycle.
1.) Buy and hold for a year
2.) Done.

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$10 billion in crypto is absolutely nothing and Stakenet does everything.

5k sat is next.

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beautiful chart

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It's been in 3rd place for trading volume for a week, only surpassed by BTC and ETH.
>currently outperforming Tether, LTC, DASH, and XRP
>half of ETH's trading volume (very good for a $20m mcap coin)
Buy pressure has quadrupled over the past 2 weeks, and 99% of the crypto industry still has no idea what potential this has.
Get your MNs in before Raiden integration goes public.

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