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Thank you Rory

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+1 Rory

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Rory is based.

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All I'm gonna say is look at ripple's circulating supply, then look at ripple's valuation during peak 2017. Then realize if chainlink reached the same market cap it would be nearly $500. Then realize how much more usecases LINK covers compared to cRipple and how much more partnerships and real collaborations do we have. Yes, $1000 is absolutely possible - not anytime soon, but absolutely in the future.

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listen retards, dont be too excited about LINK mainnet launch, its not a hyped launch so that all investors can sell off their funds (like 99.9% of other mainnet launches out there were). this is an actual working project launch, meaning that mainnet is nothing but a small stepping stone out of testnet testing. ETH and BTC went through that phase years ago and were just as scuffed and barebones as LINK mainnet will be, there wont be any huge partnership, stop thinking with your monkey reddit npc brain expecting Samsung,M$,SWIFT/Docusign partnership news, this is a working product out on the mainnet day 1, its going to take at least few months to see if its stable or not.

LINK is a technology software project, its only value is in network usage which is backed by actual software features, and there arent many of them right now, just basic adapters for HTTP GET requests.

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