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Money is the only real use case for blockchain, and Bitcoin is the only true cryptocurrency. There is no reason to buy anything other than Bitcoin. The ignorance of these mental midgets astounds me.

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Is there a worse investment than having a daughter?

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Expecting it to pump after the announcement.

CZ and Binance are the biggest scammers in Crypto.

- introduces futures
- has his whale friends buy 100btc worth
- dumps savagely and also pumps
- tweets about a big announcement.

This is the most manipulated coin on binance.

With that $5 EOW

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you're so right anon

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BLM & all other left arms that swing with it like hardcore Veganism, Feminisim, pro-refugeeism, BBC worshipping = one huge Shit-Test

The whole movement is driven by females, and what is female's nature? To shit-test the fuck out of males. That's literally the only point of female nature, they need to test the male's quality by testing his limits.

What is happening right now is, females test the western man's limits to the absolute very limits, rightfully so, there is literally no limit in sight.

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Buy Curio (CUR) now. IDEX listing in a few days

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does anyone know any good financial literacy/business boards or forums besides /biz/?

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All women are worthless dumb whores.

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woman whore

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thank you sir.

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your daughter will miss fatherly love in her childhood seek it from others and grow up to be just another whore

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It has become increasingly obvious that westerners are hell bent on cultural suicide. They think that the glut of all their material wealth has made them immune to the laws which bind civilization. They've built a tower so high that they cant see the bottom from the top.

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No it wouldn't.

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I used coinsquare and was able to etransfer deposit pretty easily. Have not sold/withdrawn at all though

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Is a college education considered an investment?

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>Become billionaire
>have daughter
>she gets throat fucked by chads and Collin since the age of 14..

When did you realize there’s no getting out of this hell and the more money you make just means the more humiliating it will be

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>I laughed at the incels, but it looks like they were right

why would we have lied to you?

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Is a college 'education' an investment?

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Why do many parents view their daughter's college education as an "investment?"

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Listen friends, there's a lot of misinformation and manipulation out there, in my experience, the biggest danger with crypto (and investing in general) is being easily influenced into investing in some tokens and then realizing you were just a sucker buying a shill's bags. We've all been here, folks. This crypto space is still immature, driven by greed, flooded with opportunists and is more dominated by marketing than by real value... and there are so many different projects all offering wonderful groundbreaking promises that it's very difficult to keep track of what's legit, what's a scam, and what's a big nothing... Well, do you remember the rick roll troll meme? Well the same folks who came up with that troll joke, 4chan (also known as Anonymous), has been orchestrating secret raids on reddit to downvote every thread discussing this particular token. Now think about this, who would FUD their own investment instead of shilling it? We all shill the tokens we own to our friends and family, so why are they doing this? It doesn't make sense, right? Well they're just doing it for fun, it seems... "as a joke", yup, just like the rick roll meme. All I'm saying is, be careful if you're thinking of buying this one, folks. Personally I'll be waiting until it proves itself to be more than just a joke and reaches at least 10 dollars before taking the risk to buy in, just to be safe. Smart move is to be patient and let the market decides if it can be trusted.

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