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BTC only cuz I'm not retarded

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heh, i’ll show those trillion (with a t) dollar hedge funds whose boss once i post my 5 share purchase along with 3 paragraphs about how i’m changing generational socio economic curses because it’s gonna magically go 100X (which would probably surpass the market cap of amazon, msft, and starbucks combined)

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>lol @ thinking the guy who just bought in the area is a midwage ass. You don't track property values do you sonny boy?
>I hold BTC, ETH and LINK. I'll be fine either way. My pockets are getting fatter and fatter. I'm coming for your ass anon. Prep it with lube for me will ya? This cultural enrichment is pretty thick.

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Big gains come with big losses my friend...

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You guys max out your Roth IRA before fucking around on the market right?

... right?

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I know literally nothing about crypto. The technology, market, anything. I cannot even do basic maths with percentages, and I have a meme major. I made 30k in the last two months fucking around browsing /biz/ and reddit.

You don’t need any in depth knowledge of any of this shit, just common sense.

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