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>be me
>work buy side desk at jpm
>buy at close, ah and before open like a good boy and pump stock
>dump at 0945 for 2% profit so I get headpats from my boss
Has nobody here ever worked in finance? Big boys are dumping their bags on you.

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Is that a lot of money to you? I’m genuinely curious.

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Up for no discernible reason until around 1000 and then down

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You're welcome anon, I like to think that if anybody has a depth of knowledge about a publicly traded company that they were try to share it for the benefit of their friends too. Plus they ultimately are making devices to improve transplant outcomes and ultimately saving lives (while making bank doing it). Just remember, I'm not a financial analyst or anything so please don't put your life savings into it.

>listening to a bong in the year of our lord 1776 + 244
ngmi brah

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You were less gay when you were only a namefag, almost tolerable.

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Buying stocks is boring. Do your own research and investigation then gamble on options like a real man.

>t. Elon Musk has made me 37k since November.

I’m not even memeing, you have access to balance sheets and all kinds of tools to evaluate a company. If you’re not a moron, you can do well for yourself. Buy KO, MCD and REYN. Also buy LINK.

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The PPE manufacturing companies like MMM don't exactly exist in a bubble, there are a lot of other variables to consider. Just because there is increased demand for a certain product, it doesn't mean that it will nessecarily benefit the company in the short or medium term. There are a lot of different factors to consider and I suggest, memes aside, that you do your own research, there are facts and figures from previous crises for you to review so you can come to your own decision.

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Based on my knowledge and experience, I don’t think it’ll have the effect that the bears in this thread think it will. I guess we’ll see in the weeks ahead.

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Say McDonald's to end commercial!

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