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shit futures are actually going red

vix just hit 0%

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Ids happending

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Oilfags get it right once and their smug as fuck, fuck you faggots oil is dying.

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Why the fuck isn’t biden doing shit??? A trump tweet literally fucks over the bobos every fucking time...

God I fucking hate my lib friends who refuse to admit it was a fucking mistake to put Biden in office...

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It's okay anon, think of all the people who won't even own a single share, even if the price of a share stays on the triple digits we're still making a good profit (if you bought on the double digits or early 100s) regardless we're all gonna make it brah

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You never know who is on the other end of the line anon, many shady characters around here.

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>all cities with a shitload of Chinks

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i hold btc/eth/link/grt

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If 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 hedgies will fucking dump on your asses, sell now retards.

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>he selled?

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Im not doing shit, you fags voted Biden in and not Trump.

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haha what is bofa?

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>25k LINK
>born as a SEA

I’ll never make it will I...

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Is this new fud to grt OGs to sell? Fuck off.

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How does Melvin sleep at night I wonder?

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Isn’t it easier for hedgies to just keep paying interest since the fed will just keep bankrolling them instead of crashing the entire market??

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Bot test.




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You guys are fucking up the market stop!!!! I’m down fucking 10% in my portfolio...

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If you believe were going back to the stone age, but gold and silver. If you think we’ll make it out of here alive and in tact, buy the fucking dip.

This is literally the easiest fucking money you’ll ever make. Covid march crash was fucking delicious I gobbled everything and now i’m in six figure hell from $10k.

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>friends don’t like it when I talk about the stock market and they think i’m joking when I said i’ve gain/loss 4-5 figures on a play...

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All right but seriously though what the fuck is going on? Are the shorts just never gonna be closed and they keep funneling money to the hedges hoping to close?

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When the fuck do hedgies get margin called?

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Why the fuck did the hedgies try to double down??

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