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i don't know anything about astrology but i feel intuitively that this is significant, it was all planned in advance, we are merely watching the unfolding of a plot many many years in the making

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and you're a retard.

you gonna just ad hom after being btfo by facts?

here, let me help you with that until you buy a make it stacklet in the event that you grossly over/under estimate the potential of being a nonce.

worst bait ever but not as bad as OdRsqVL4

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we just had a 1.5 week hiatus of tether printing and "consolidating" around 31k, then 900m gets printed in the last 36hrs and we are on the move again!


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>anon, I...

(yes we know)

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You have two different agents. One wants a loan, the other is the one who wants dividends on what he loans. We will call them loanee and loaner.

The Loanee stakes XRP + loan fee as collateral to the flare network, and the loaner stakes his spark as collateral. This creates FXRP, which is loaned to the loanee. This way if either party backs out, the other party doesn't lose anything. The FXRP can then be used in smart contracts. The benefits are that the loanee gets liquidity and the loaner gets dividends from the loan fee.

That's the base system for the creation of FXRP. It's going to be used for foreign exchange, mortgages, loans, options, etc.

Its also going to be completely interoperable with all digital assets, and you will be able to code in any language for the smart contracts.

and its going to have all the benefits of XRP since its a utility fork, namely the 4 second transaction times, microcent transaction fees, and scalability.

And its not proof of work or proof of stake since its a turing-complete federated byzantine agreement network.

David schwartz is satoshi, stay mad.

>can't discern the company from the XRP ledger

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4 second ledger update, microcent transaction fees, designed by a cryptographic expert who's been working on this problem for 32 years (patented blockchain in 1988...), best foundation for development, connections to many financial institutions, connections to some of the most powerful people in the world, best chance of becoming the global reserve currency, built in DEX

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Because david schwartz is satoshi

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You wish. Look who actually patented blockchains in 1988

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It was never a meme, anon. While everyone was busy flipping shitcoins on /biz/, ripple was out in the real world making real deals happen. We are about to see the culmination of 8 years (but really about 32 years) of work come to fruition. Its going to melt faces.

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>he thinks he knows
>he doesn't know

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literally the mt. gox guy

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XRP, hands down.
Heres Schwartz patent for the original concept of XRP since the 80s. He might unironically be satoshi himself (but lets not turn into BSV shills)

I could go one listing all banks that are in Ripple net right now and talk about corda. but honestly, so much stuff has come out about XRP, it would take multiple posts and hours of digging. If youve been searching XRP on twitter for the past few months like i have, you know, you know

Heres just one of the many other deep connections

theres simply no other coin that has the important and big connections as XRP. Even Vitalik Buterin tried to internship at XRP, but couldnt because of the russian citizenship

XRP was built to be the standard.

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