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Artificially limited as far as the network that actually provides the service. That artificial limit means that the transaction and settlement layers are artificially separated, which in turn means you can exploit the first layer by manipulating the other layers where all the tx volume actually happens pic related, fucktard.

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> 10,000 nodes scattered across the globe all centrally reporting to 10 opaque lightning hubs that report everything to the NSA is as secure as whatever the market selects for in terms of security and decentralisation for nodes absent a centrally planned artificially set block limit issued by a pack of six incompetent neckbeards

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5) It's hard to come to consensus because the special interest group that took political control of the core codebase and made a concerted political effort to kick everyone else out *made it hard*. This is like gosh I can see you can't stop choking on my dick there, that's a pity. What the fuck do you mean take my hand off the back of your head? No.
6) Muh schnorr signatures. And where are they now, still? No-fucking-where. And what's your optimisation of a transaction with a base size of 400 bytes going to offer in terms of throughput when we're stuck with a limit you sabotaged us with at 1 megabyte? Fuck all. And what's worse, what did they actually do? Segwit, which actually fucking increases the tx size.
7) This is another restatement of 5. We can't agree because we have hijacked and sabotaged the project and now force idiotic demands and perspectives through to the contrary of the very plain well thought out plan on the original project, which has now been proven to empirically work with a year of production deployment on BCH, so it's not even theoretical anymore. Despite the fact it was always obvious it would work because it's actually very simple to calulate the load of the system involved. They simply flat out lied and sabotaged and hijacked the entire thing, that's it, end of story.

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You mean the nodes 99% of transaction traffic are supposed to go through? Yeah can't imagine why anyone would object to their being obviously centralised.
Gas yourself retard fucking corecuck swine.

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They're not. I bought in 2011, I keep a low profile, shut my mouth, watch and learn. I don't believe anybody that tells me they have been in this space a long time and learned absolutely nothing from it, unless they're obviously idiotic and were paying no attention at all.
None of this shit has happened before in all of human history, we don't know what comes next. We have hopes, fears, and theories, and we try to hone our theories avoid our fears and drive for our hopes.
The behavior in that image is a sign of someone who is actually stupid, lucked out, and now thinks they're a genius.

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