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I think that the modern west can be the best time and place to be, although the younger you are the more likely you are to be raised like a pussy, fed zog onions at school. never get into fights, have autism/childhood cancer/obesity in general too much to overcome to carve out a sane part in this insane world. This isn't even to mention technology. Dudes I know that would have lived it up 25 years ago never take their eyes of a screen.
That being said this is just my rant since my parents were essentially infertile and I should have died within minutes of birth modern medicine just had to "save me". Assuming you make it to adulthood without being a faggot loser you have the benefits of:
Food and water security, safer child birthing, freedom to own land and guns(at least here in the US), knowledge of training and nutritional practices. Assuming you went to school and got one of those comfy modern jobs you don't have to wreck your body by 35 and you get vacation days which can be used to fill some of the gap between us and men of old. Skiing and climbing mountains, hunting, fishing, with the ability to make it as dangerous as you'd like.
If you are a depressed ugly loser now you would have been one 300 years ago; but if you've got success now you have far less to contend with than at any other time in history.

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hey son how you're stocks doing. me? i'm moving into bonds

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we are slowly choking out the ETH volume.

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I make 40 an hour and took advantage of their valentines sale just to see if they had some secret sauce. If 50 bucks is a lot of money to you two, then I get it.

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Oshkosh won the contract
>And Ford will likely benefit

Just sell your WKHS bags and buy F

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Litecoin is not a good investment for retirement. Near the end of the bitcoin cycle you can get some decent returns out of it but I wouldn't invest in it for the long term as it has been in decline ever since that chink sold all his litecorns. Right now $250k worth would likely be the minimum if you are looking at 1M.

I would wait for bitcoin to fall all the way back down to its 200 week moving average. Then go on coin market cap look at all the coins you missed or got great returns out of this cycle and buy them up cheap.
BTC, BNB, ATOM, GRT, LINK, DOT, ADA, KSM, BAND should be safe bets and get you a 10x next cycle.

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>Ford killed it on ER and will go through the roof
>Meaning I won't be able to buy more from the dip
Okay /smg/, shill me a cheap stock to put away my last $30. Looking for value.

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Bought Chainlink at $0.40. Sold at $15, bought XRP at $0.28. Will sell XRP at $15.

Feeling comfy.

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based Cocaine Mitch

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Weekly reminder that your portfolio only needs two projects:


Optionally, you can add some XLM to diversify, but the above are the only two you need.

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Fucking DIA is going to the moon and I'm not on the space ship. Shit!

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show me that gambling zoomer in 20 years and he'll be broke and sucking dick for change on the street

meanwhile, i'll be on the beach banging his wife who left him for a stable boomer

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I think he's gone.

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We're never going to make it are we boomerbros?

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Gotta manage those risks

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Swapped half my stellar stack for Algo.

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If I have zero self respect, should I apply for a janitorial job at my local insane asylum? They told me that the pay is $0, but that it's the most fulfilling thing that I could do with my time. They also told me that my chances of being hired are low because they have honestly unrealistic requirements. From my understanding, it's 140 hours a week minimum, giving me an average of 4 hours per night of sleep on a good day. I'd be cleaning up after maniacs and retards. But I'm fucked in the head so I'm considering it. I have 72 hours left to make my decision.

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This is now a boomer advice thread

Early bird gets the worm

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>there are no shortcuts
>you have to pay your dues

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This thread is about buying foreclosed property and physical assets once this bubble breaks and the normies don’t have any Linkies, Gold or Cash.

What will you buy to make it by 2030 when things are back to normal?

What did Oldfags buy in 2011-2012 and how did they decide on what to buy?

>Going to need some links in this, please share sites for foreclosed properties, foreclosed physical assets, auctions of properties or physical assets, guides for buying tax repos.

>foreclosed property websites

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It feel good to hold shiny rock and hear rocks go *clink* *clink*

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Thank you Yukari-chan

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>Smooth brain here again.

Is there anything wrong with buying shares of SLV for short term, like 1-2 weeks at a time if I don’t have good access to physical while the mints are all out? If my fiat goes up along with silver I figure my cost to buy more physical in 1-2 weeks at $33-$38 per ounce when they get more in stock will at least be mitigated right?

>TLDR: is holding SLV until the mints are back in stock a retarded idea?

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