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>10mil btc
I know you meant $10mill, but even still...really faggot?

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Rule number 1 in investing is preserve capital. Ask me how I know that you haven't made any substantial money trading...

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good luck with that. maybe elon musk will use BSV on mars and it finally gets some value.

if both dev A and B claims he invented something but dev A has evidence of his claim on the blockchain then puts weight on dev A's claim. if dev B actually was the one that invented the thing but he didn't put the claim on the blockchain before sharing it with dev A then he either doesn't care about A stealing the credit or he simply failed to take the necessary steps.

honestly you're a fucking idiot if you can't even understand when i explain to you the use case as if you were a 5 year old.

what the fuck's your fucking problem shit face? if i could have said it's 100% real i would have, retard. i just corrected you on your clueless opinion that storing keys on your computer is somehow bad, you apparently didn't even notice they were inside an encrypted file container and if you did but still remarked on the fact that he kept them on his computer you're even dumber than i thought.

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Anyone having trouble buying chainlink from NormalBase, I tried buying 50 just now and it got stuck loading, didn’t process and got a message saying my transaction was processing but I didn’t get my stinky linkies. Anyone?

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>6 different boards for video games
>still no dedicated crypto board
>"Welcome to /biz/ - Business & Finance
This board is for the discussion of topics related to business, economics, financial markets, securities, currencies (including cryptocurrencies)."
>This board is just crypto now

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I will never understand why people think chainlink will do more than a 5x. It's a fucking token.
What problem does a fucking token resolves?

>Sirgay dumping 500k every 2 weeks

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138K stack here

What should be my target price?
It's 0.2 realistic?

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>Now that this is finished

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Please do not post these cringe crypto youtube masters what the fuck is wrong with you people

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>This is a big ponzi scheme combined with a lottery

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>closing the tap

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upvoted! fucking stinkies

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roasties with long nails can't function effectively in the kitchen

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you're a fucking idiot comparing things that aren't comparable. you don't even understand why they are incomparable. moron. hope you get corona and infect your parents and everyone you care about.

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Find that rep and kick his ass. Jesus fucking christ you subhuman californians are pussies.

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>Precious Metals: 30%
>Crypto: 20%
>Gold/Silver Miners: 18%
>Other stocks: 2%
>Cash: 30%

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