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Since Cuckbase does not allow fucking russki, where these niggers go?

or just Binance (which at least partially has been made by fucking slavniggers)?

Help a fellow slavnigger, comrades.

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deep neuro, dub house and jungle still exist oldfag, now with even tighter production and mixdowns. JFL oldfag hipsters still drooling over the same drop formula for over a decade now

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Hardly worked in my life and haven’t held a real job for around 5 years
Survived the last three years trading crypto and have been somewhat lucky
Still have around $10k in fiat to live off of but then am gonna have to start selling some of my crypto to survive
Don’t want to do that though because I have over 50,000 Chainlink
How to I make some money on the side despite the following setbacks
>Massive autist
>Absolutely retarded resume
>Pathological aversion to work
I just need like a small amount of money to continue neeting before the inevitable link singularity Inb4 scam fud tranny word salad I am immune to link fud from hold for so long
I’m thinking something online like a small business or some kind of online fuckery like buying and reselling Chinese shit
Need a good idea guise

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>inheritance or lives in a flyover state with ~100k houses

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for a moment i thought you said it to me

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my life is a permanent emergency

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what is this cone

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He's 98 with one arm and could probably still beat up 75% of the people on this board.

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>for a living
whats your portfolio size, avg theta/month
how many underlyings

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Wagies have given, and will continue to give you everything you have, with no exceptions.
Everything from the clothes on your back, your seed money, even the language you speak was given to you for free, by wagies.

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I actually was just going to start a freight broker thread but i checked the catalogue first.
> Why is your job so important to you?
> Buy btc and link and maybe eth and no more freight
> Won't this job become automated in the near future?

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Who's the most pathetic person here?

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How do you faggots believe so heavily in meme magic and its hand in links progress, yet you still post memes about killing yourself when your coins crash? Don't you realize your going to meme your own suicide into existence?

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