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>How/where do you find these projects?

you just start researching a set of projects you know about now. every day you will certainly stumble across many more. but really it doesn't matter where you start looking. promising projects show up on biz frequently. they are greatly outnumbered by absolutely terrible projects, but that is just how it is when you have a land rush.

finding small, promising projects is not difficult. don't imagine that there's a secret way to spot them and only the OGs know where to look. almost all projects announce themselves very early.

sorting the good stuff from the chaff is part of developing your skills. there's no shortcut. you just have to start learning crypto tech and begin learning to sort and filter. i do recommend keeping track of projects in some system you create, otherwise they will tend to blend together and you won't be able to remember what is what. it could as simple as an excel spreadsheet with columns for project name, some kind of categorization, rough market cap, relevant links, or whatever you think is important.

most projects are still at the ground floor for a couple of years after they start, so you have time to find them.

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