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Oh God YES

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This is the only above-average take in the thread, sadly. Crypto is a cartel market and if not for futures, one could only imagine what people would be paying for a single BTC today. Pull up a chart for any asset that has a major (((futures))) market put into play and watch what happens to the resistance levels. I HOPE this isn't true and that I'm a retarded faggot. ETH $3,000 EoY.

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I fucked up the already fucked up gas on my ETH SHAKE LP. I have 1.06 SHAKE so hopefully staking pays for the $200 gas in a few months.

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please tell me this is just a nightmare. i will wake up tomorrow morning to see this coin still at 30 cents. i swear i'd buy back my stack at 30 cents and hold it forever

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Thanks for the quick thinking fren.

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I sold 35k worth of btc today because some niggers wanted 30k. got 5k to throw into shitcoins, coinbase only, no uniswap.

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You make your choice of who to serve. Some serve Jesus, some serve Satan, but the stupidest of all are those who serve some lesser god.

Life is a marshmallow test. The very intelligent will choose Jesus, because the rewards are greater.
The midwits will choose Satan, because he will protect them from wordly intrusions on their long-term worldly comfort.

And the brainlets just go through life getting rug pulled by Pajeet gods like women, money, sex, esteem of their peers, etc.

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>go to online college
>do homework
>go to part time job
>come home
I need to make it

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i told everyone in my family to short bitcoin and now their mad at me

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I'm already on track to kill myself. At least if I'm rich I can help out my family before I go.

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Please buy GME, I need to go back up to $7 before my dad gets home from work. I'm 28 and never had a job and wanted to contribute some money to them, now I'm losing them more money than I've ever fucking seen in my life. I'm going fucking kill myself if GME doesn't recover

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Wtf bros... we didn't even make it to 20$

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I normally cash in at consolidation periods and look elsewhere but none of these recovery stocks are slowing down at all

I'm bored with money locked up mooning without being able to move it between stocks... It's a weird mindset

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im 32 yr old virgin bros

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I was busy wagekeking so I couldn't buy the dip. Now I'm stuck in limbo.

Fuck I can't decide if this is a dead cat bounce or if it's just the capitulation spike before the moon mission.

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>28 years old
>make only 55k/year

Who here /poor failure/

Even 22 year old university grads are making 80k starting now

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>born in memeberta(Alberta) instead of based Idaho or Montana

It's fucking OVER

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this, unfortunately. I relapse all the fucking time when I think of my dead parent. I just grow silent and it takes me out of everything.

You never get over it. You only learn to distract yourself really well.

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>win 9 eth in 3 days of betting
>get greedy and don't send any to my wallet
>lose 10 eth in a single day
>at a 1 eth loss

why am i so retarded, anons. fuck. anyway learned my lesson.

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I was scammed. This shit exchange launched in June 2016, and they still haven't gotten it fully operational. Meanwhile I could have been a multi-millionaire if I had just bought BNB like everyone said. But no, I wanted to get in on the ground floor instead of buying the coin that had already hit a dollar. These incompetent fucks still don't even have their full exchange online, and they're gonna be launching a SECOND FUCKING EXCHANGE COIN because Rune isn't done scamming us yet.

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Why didn’t he ask us? We’re his biggest support center. Nobody likes us and they ban us from all their sites or ignore us.

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Started school at 18, graduated at 22 with an engineering degree. Throughout eight years of high school and college, when girls are literally hornier than they will ever be again in their lives, and you’re surrounded by them all the time, not ONE single girl ever took any interest in me, and that’s even after I did all the self improvement stuff like putting on muscle, getting lean, eating healthy etc. How am I suppose to have a shred of self esteem after undergoing that?

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