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wtf is this redditing ass whore doing out here? fucking nigger

4chan is the definition of how people are meant to be. You want to fap? go to /gif/, /s/ and all that. You want learn about other cultures, go to /int/ or /jp/ or what you want, share your hobbies? /tv/, /3/, /m/ etc. (most blue boards), finance? /biz/

This is human world, the one you're in is the one that's controlling you where to go. How many videos did you watch on youtube that were actually recommended to you? You're being lead. On 4chan no one leads you. You lead yourself.

So stop this bullshit, if you're a fucking coomer and get sucked into the porn from the first picture just go fap and don't bother us. Bluepilled plebbit nigger

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Just because he's Far Eastern Asian doesn't mean you can call him names, sir. I'm going to have to take you to /pol/, sir. Please go there and remember that racism isn't key.

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>shit internet
>can't properly load up uniswap
>Did Uniswap exit scam?

I'm gonna need you to come with me, sir.

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The jig is up, either state where you're really from or bobo will eat into your profits tonight.

Yes, I'm looking at you, pajeet. Spill the beans

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the first three hours multiple people posted their receipt of the PS5 pre-order, and in most stores you can't cancel the pre-order.

I guess they couldn't handle it. I'll keep even it dumps hard. 0 invested unlimited potential.

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Sir, I must ask you to vacate the premises

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oh nononono my "frens" you'll have to leave

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Thank you all for coming, I hope you have enjoyed your evening.

Can I please request that noise upon exiting outside of the venue is kept to a minimum, to avoid disturbing our residential neighbours.

Please also have your cloak room ticket available to hand when collecting belongings to avoid causing unnecessary delays.

Thank you all once again, have a good night.

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i'm a hospital security guard... sometimes i long for such a work environment. No drugged up morons pissing and shitting themselves while behaving like monkeys, no running from one point to the other, no stress, no verbal agression or physical violence, no psychos, no traffic accidents or reanimations, none of it...

Just a relaxed comfy cubicle and some papers to shuffle around. Consider yourselves lucky morons.

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Hi frens lemma explain u what is a security okay? A security is a though guy and sometimes girls haha that keep crooks away so u are save. so now the mony market has cool bald guys who watch ur cash so ur safe. people of the world say hey i trust criptos now again and will say buy buy buy so all prices will go higher again and we make good moneys and buy lambos in just a few weeks cus once people say its happening other people say it too and others and others too. so it piles up and makes avalanche of gains. so yeah. its good that security is comming now and im glad it happned cus cryptos was bleeding lol but its over now.

i hope u lerned something guys if u need sum more info just ask okay

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