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>1x leverage

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>we’re opening back up
>we’re getting inflation
oh no no no...

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>being so poor you're not both

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>pic very related

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Good. Normies and the overleveraged idiots get shaken out, and then we feast

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Really made me feel better. Thanks anon.

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>financial discussions on boards other than /biz/
it makes me seethe even more than seeing normies discuss it. jesus christ

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forgot to add that I'm also coping by laughing at Reddit for losing their life savings, while everyone on /biz/ either made gains or small losses

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Hold those bags, subhuman.

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What has been your progression on this general and investing in general?
>start in march, buy bottom with sp500 index funds
>dont go all in because i was waiting for “dow sub 18000” again
>watch it rise, still dont buy because “its going to dump again, just wait”
>gamble on meme penny stocks with /ptg/
>make 3 figure gains over the course of 3 months
>get absolutely fucking bogged on one PnD
>in a fit of rage deposit every last penny to my name into my index funds
>try some more random plays all with a massive -% at the bottom of my portfolio with random bags
>discover options
>make $800 off one tesla call intraday, think its free money
>immediately lose $1300 on a tsla call the next day
>completely bog myself with weekly qqq puts during the september crash (shorting the daily bottom)
>finally start buying actual good /smg/ memes
>discover covered calls, spacs
>buy bluechips, pltr, net, wkhs
>now consistently make good returns
back in the green at long last unrealized, but still need to make $5000 more in realized gains to fully wash away my mistakes. what has your journey been like?

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More like you made .70. Enjoy getting taxed to pay for Pakistani gender programs.

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>shills his company nonstop for free but only during market hours
>bites someones head off and refuses to give their perspective when idea is challenged
You must have a really fragile ego or be unironically autistic. Either way you are hilarious, what a loser

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Did someone not give this guy the secret DD? Sad!

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>red day
>gme fud in this general goes through the roof
same as it ever was, same as it ever was

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>google, amazon, FB, and aapl are all likely to never see their September 1 highs ever again
fucking perma bears NEVER win. how fucking retarded are you?

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My HTZ meme call is down 50%. Sad! At least its for 2021, but id really prefer to use that money for short term swings, its my last $90 i can use to meme my roth ira back to $1600. lel!

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>this one fucking shill

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>keeping your entire income in monopoly money printer currency

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>huge layoffs at the company today
>all the SJWs get canned
>they give me a raise instead

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>digital oil

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you'll see for yourself in 3 months

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My friend, do you have any idea what the nasdaq is? Dont you ever think its interesting how a lot of the time, all the lines look eerily similar?
In my opinion, people have 3 days to calm down, realize they shouldnt panic sell, and instead wait for Tuesday to see what happens. When tuesday dumps because confidence is down, then lots of people will throw their plans to the wind and panic sell anyways. Seasoned vets dont want to buy the dip prematurely, they wont buy instantly like sellers. Thats just one mans opinion. I think the printer will turn on again at some point in the day but lots of people will try to get out if it doesnt open green

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>food scams mooning left and right
>sitting on my $2m link stack
>could have made $10m-$50m from 1 food scam flip and retired already if I had the balls
>paralyzed by fear of losing my linkies ive held so preciously for 3 years
>probably gonna make it anyway but it'll take years instead of weeks

its an abstract kind of feel

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