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Sup cranenigger, how much do you guys make (I assume you're in the longshoreman mafia)? I was considering spending money for rigging and nccco "school" like a faggot...but everyone on /pol/ said accreditation is a meme, magically get a job as a spotter and have them train/cert you.

Keep in mind I'm early 30's lazy CDL, and all the LinkedIn crane operator jobs are like midlow teens an hour in shithole rural areas. Don't really have 5 years of donothing entry bitchwork left in me for a "shot" at advancement.

I know you said they're automating ports, and steel recycling/other smaller stationary lifts pay less than regular warehouse work. Construction/mobile retards are claiming 200k a year or some dumb shit, which is a lie and makes me not want to deal with dumb boomer exaggerating cucks that can't do the work or have the connections when push comes to shove (too many in o/o cdl land as is).

What do?

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Trying desperately to get back to pre Google blog where the heshes got caught swinging. Hail Mary that the sell the news tomorrow gets them close before eom announcements.

Too bad Chinks don't frequent 4nigger, just all 5 of us lonely neets

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