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Sorry anon, you can’t get off the ride.
Think of it this way - keep your bags, keep feeling the energy, embrace the honk, and you’ll get the full experience of whatever happens.

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Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruninghooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong. - Joel 3:10

Stay strong, become strong brother.

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Don't worry fren, God will part this sell wall like all others we have faced before.

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dont stress. take the clown pill. its the final one.

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Buy MCD or fuck you

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>isn't talking about LINK
OP's a jew alright.

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>mfw this thread is a dope time
>mfw my linkies are forever staying stinky

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>the ascended ones pulling the strings of the (inside-the-box) thinkers
>mfw pic related

>two different states of mind
song related: =frame of mind=

>Why don't you think the cia and other abc agencies will destory us
because they're not as funny and cool as us (that is seriously my answer, and you will see I am correct in time)

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>This is a single schizo having an attack
should we tell him?

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>Says the Jew who can't stand the idea of losing support on the right for Israel.
>t. smoothbrain

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I'm curious, would you anti-lgbt anons be willing to pay like $50 a month to some decentralised organization that goes and interrupts the parades or just mass kills the lgbt community members? It will be possible in the future through the DEM(Decentralised Event Market) in the future where the smartcontract knows when an event has happened through news/social media etc(algorithms) and then automatically pays to the entity that made that event happen(disrupt parades etc). $50 from 1 million people is $50m for contracters to interrupt/kill lgbt community parades/members.

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Current democracy is just some smoke and mirrors with elite pulling the strings and "normal" people just following along cuz how do you "wake up" if you get all of your information from the TV and social media? I literally accidentally stumbled on 4chan thanks to cryptocurrency from reddit. Now 4chan might be quite retarded as well, but at least you can see all kinds of different discussions that would NEVER end up on social media/news.

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How to take over the world?

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b-But muh funds are s-SAFU!!!!

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Ikr I'm already thinking about scenarios in the future where some people pool together $100m for some 9/11 type of scenario to happen. Also if there are some public daily/monthly updated APIs about any person being announced dead, then you could literally set a bounty to anyone. John across the street who flipped you off? $50k to anyone who kills him, and to make sure the person who accepted the contract is serious, he will have to "stake" $5k, so if he doesn't do the job within let's say a month, you get $5k.

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Destiny is still the king, but even the most merciless king allows a jester to make fun of him.

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I am a very influental multibillionaire and possess the most advanced research and development company on the planet. I want to expand far beyond. Crypto currency is a novel concept to me. Saw one that caught my attention called ChainLynk. Where can it be bought best because I want to acquire at least 60% of the company?

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Yes. The deal will be paid in blood.

Tariffs go to 25%. In response, China makes the call. Things go hot in Venezuela, Israel, Iran, Syria, and a half dozen other places. Trump calls the Saudis on their magic glowing ball and 10M pissed off Arabs march into China to free the enslaved wiggers.

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Neither will you. I also have backup plans.

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Niggles the clown

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