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>spoonfeeding newfags

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No the main problem lays on germans themselves.
Most of them are perfect work drones and are happy with their life as a wagecuck if they are able to get their After Hours beer (Oettinger) and their Schweineschnitzel (Pork Schnitzel) in addition , from Aldi ofc. Most of them would also let a refugee fuck their wives and daughters and they would enjoy to watch em getting Sandnigger semen in their Womb

They dont want to build anyting themselves, they trust government pension and social security lmao.
Oh and they love moving in overpriced condos in cities and are happily paying 60 to 70% of their wage to landlords and live in literally poverty where the landlord always can kick them out (Eigenbedarf)

Sometimes i still wonder how germany manages to present themself as a stable wealthy nation...
Literally everyone here does 2k€ Net .
If you are above 2k€ net you are already called "rich" from others
Even college Engineers here doing 2.4k€ only since their pre tax is high they get more taxed.
You gotta feed ahmed and ungugugbuba in their Refugee Shelters (which they get ofc free of charges in cities)

This country is so ridiculous, working isnt even worth it in this shithole.
I hope my greencard gets approved and i get the fk off from here to the US where working with a Good Diploma is at least considered honorable and gets honored with higher wages.

Fuck Kikes, germans and trannies.

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>American innovation works just fine

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>apple is dead company

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>cash positive

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Is this a bait, or you don't know that VW is actually the one that makes those cars for NIO?

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>im a 24 year old millionaire, how will I ever recover

oh fuck you.

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Get over yourself

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>It's a symbolic effort

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