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>lmfao you faggot expected 80% in a month
so what? its still growing daily, numbers dont lie.
>no-one is using it
again, numbers dont lie. volume growing daily aswell.
>crashing slower than others is normal, it also moons less
nice late adopting cope. btc has the best roi of all of them, brainlet.
>there's a cap to that and it already got hit once, causing people to flee into alts
strong cope. segwit wasnt adopted back then. we will never see 2017 dec scaling problems ever again.
>duuh, miners work for profit, except for CSW who mines for penis measurinh
not an argument. btc is the oldest most secure network. anyone can 51% bcash with 1/30 hashrate LOL
>they're still the biggest company in crypto, winning billions in 2017
not for long. bitmain has intern problems. this is known, mining is getting more decentralized with spliting farms.
>objectively false
-98% ath, 1/30 hashrate and tx of btc, just got flipped by litecoin LOL. even dogecoin has more tx than bcash.
>two better mimblewimble coins are already being launched, profit potential is tenfold that of btc
cope and not an argument.
> Dash > ZCash > BCH > others > BTC in venezuela, but I bet /r/bitcoin didn't tell you that
lmfao. localbitcoins numbers dont lie you faggot. Nobody is using bcash or dash. fucking bcash has less tx than doge you retard. do you even know what a public blockchain is?
> They're literally using BCH you dumb brainlet, not even ZEC, you're copy pasting lies from reddit
Lol! you just exposed yourself you larping retard. NOBODY ON DN MARKETS USES BCH. it has less tx than my family whatsapp group has daily messages LOL. This is also easy to lookup and verify for yourself if anyone is interested.

all in all, 3/10 larp. stay broke spastic.

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most funny biz thread of the month. im in tears, the nigger has lost it. this is what happens when you hold through a -97% correction. read the 11 post reply under op


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>i knew it
as i said, paranoid fuck. i have no idea what you are talking about. i thought icon long deleted their telegram.

and this isnt fud you fucktard. everything is facts and i have fun in exposing this.

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so when is the next conference i can load up and sell the news again on you retards

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