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Crypto tax laws in the US are like gun control laws in the US. The people writing the rules have no idea what they're doing, and don't actually understand how anything works.

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>missed it again

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where all my linkies at?

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post your missed opportunities.
>be me, 17 y/o
>grandfather dies, leaving me with 40,000
>can't trade under 18
>BTC dip
fuck me with a knife.

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d-d-diamond... hh..hands.... b-b-bros....

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b-but...but muh blue chip
they-they said... b-blue... ch-chip...

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we failed and are also gay

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I’m making more money than I could ever imagine but the sadness still isn’t going away. You lied to me bros you said it would go away

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>tfw saw GRT and knew it was the token for me back when it was %0.62
>buying in just little bits when I can, even when its $2.30
>almost up to a 2.5k stack

If I'm staking long term, I guess that might still be enough..

What would my expected returns be? Like 1-2 GRT a day?

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>only bought 70k LINK at ICO, could have went all in and had 500k LINK
FeelsBad bros

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>GPL went down 2 cents since i bought it

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god dammit
cum ID

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>be 35
>look up everyone I went to school with
>all happy with families
>me with just 9k in crypto shitcoins
>no friends
>no job
At least i have you /biz/

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>sold all my bitcoin to hop on the GME train
>there were a few times I could have sold for a profit but everyone said it was gonna move even further
>it crashes
>meanwhile bitcoin moons
Im unironically going to kill myslef

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Go back down, I'm still waiting for my fucking bank to make my funds available to me REEEEE

Fucking old school finance system.

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After all that hype, the rally is over after one day?

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>plz stop telling people about silver... plz...

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>Too young to be able to invest

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Help biz, no emotional trading

i had the chance to buy TBC at under a penny and I didnt. Then someone told me to go for a different stock which tanked to shit. I have 7.3k of the other stock and have halfed my portfolio. Technically have not lost any money but lost alll my gains.

I need advice. My plan is to wait for rubic to dip then transfer as much as I can into it from BTC, ETH, or other stock.

I just want to make it biz... so badly.

I just want to be free from the wage slavery and not being able to fulfil my dream job because of financial and funding reasons.

Do I buy a RBC dip? whats a good price to buy at and are there any stocks youd recommend that are gainers and not fucking losers?

To say im lost is an understatement.

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>Tfw before COVID everyone thought I was financially responsible
>Had 12k worth of assets at 20
>Gambling addiction starts a few months ago
>Now at 1k Net Worth
>No more crypto and withdrawed my last 1k from my ROTH
>Just had to take out my first personal loan so I won't overdraft until that time being
>Family has no clue and still thinks I'm rich.
Has anyone else been in this position? I'm probably not as bad as some of you on here but I still hate myself for going down this path.

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How are you supposed to make it if you never felt accepted or belonged anywhere?

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How do you make it after missing out on teen love and the college experience?

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>digital oil

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>altcoinX is $1
>Bitcoin goes up
>"Time to sell altcoinX"
>altcoinX is $0.50
>Bitciin goes down
>"Time to sell altcoinX"
>AltcoinX is $0.10
What is the point of alts?

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