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Ni Hao, wealthy chinaman

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You sound unemployable and are a burden to your family and friends who'd prefer you not to be around.

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>mining companies, oil companies, steel companies, agriculture, anything which produces real products and PAYS A DIVIDEND
spoonfeed tickers please fren

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I know that people were laughing at me behind my back these past three years, not taking me seriously when I told them that I was a trader/investor.
I still pity them for not getting in early with me, as I suggested that they do. Wasting their money on $1500 kikephones and other bullshit was more important to them. Whatever, some people just aren't made to make it.

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Ask your stupid questions here.

>where do I buy bitcoin?
Do not use goybase.

>where do I buy altcoins?

>where do I trade with leverage?

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my man. had dozens of accounts that i used on uniswap to claim shuf and some other tokens and dump on uniswap v1/v2. now all accounts can claim $1k each. rotating through them with max gas, tonight is so fun.

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>Big one day plunges are followed by relief rallies.

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Fuck yeah Cresco Labs with the bullish reversal confirm!!! Come on baby, papa needs a new car!

>This is a clearly cheap attempt to pump markets, but the markets might come back and say this isn't enough by dumping any moment now.

Nah. Indexes don't often double reject price action like that; meaning reject a previous day's sell off, then immediately reject the sell off rejection rally. The S&P will make at least one more attempt to break back above the 50 day average before big money gives up on this.

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Yes. Give the market a bit calm down. 25 bob was priced in so, after initial scattershot activity, i expect resumption of existing trend.

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That pure unregulated prices will always be perfectly level with the economy of the area, like water always finding it's level.


>people are idiots and don't understand economics, so they ask for the government to make their lives better through regulation of services
>i.e. wanting cheaper rent, which only causes landlords to stop renting and leave because they can't break even when the government enforces rent laws. This causes even more places to not be available and the number of homeless people increase.
>if unregulated, the landlords charging unfair high rent would get few tenants because there will always be someone to undercut prices, in this example, a landlord who has lower rent fees, thus getting more buisness and people having cheaper rent

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You're right, it's not really in my price range, but it's something to look forward to when I'm notsopoor. For the meantime I bought a bunch of CLF shares, the 2 trillion dollar infrastructure package Trump plans to inject will give CLF and others like it a big leg up

We all have our vices, Spyanon. Takes a man to admit it

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I wonder what wagies think about people who have never had to wageslave.

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America so probably no. I can't even get them to do income based repayment.
Half is in my mom's name, so that would be shitty. And it's not worth giving up american citizenship over the other 25k, if it even works at all.
I know. How do you win a rigged game? Only thing I can think is take a side job in addition to a full time job and put every penny towards this shit, but that's inefficient and exhausting.

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