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>Just stop being this way
I can't I been behaving and living like this for as long as I can remember

it sucks and it fucks you up in the head right from the start

I dont believe in a god
it was all random and I just happen to pick the short end of the stick.
life sucks and then you die

>You're nearly halfway through.
I am already way past halfway, no chance I'm gonna make it til 60+ years.
my parents are aging and they won't be able to support me in around 3/4 years. then I will anhero, cash out crypto gains or become homeless.

>Workout 3x a week
I have no motivation for that, what for?
what is the point of this now?

>get a job
I can't even get a job as a janitor

you think this shitcoin will make it big?

actually it was a normal name at some point in time but then for no reason it became a joke.

>you know you can have it legally changed, right?
I tried and they wouldn't let me

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