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>... i don't know anything about anything, just tell me which horse to gamble on ...

as far as your skill set, you don't necessarily have to be uber technical to contribute to a project, though being technical is ideal and you can become more technical with time. you can also just gain a really good understanding of crypto stuff in general and the project in particular, and then support the project by fielding questions, improving docs, making informational websites, stuff like that. even brainlets can be useful if they try.

how do you know which communities to join and which to avoid? this is how:

- prefer to join projects that have open decentralized communities, because that is what crypto is supposed to be about.
- do not join stupid bullshit scamcoins where you "join the squad!!" but actually just become a shill and earn bullshit ranks such as "Lt. General Pumper First Class". that is scammy bullshit that is irredeemably fucked and has near-zero chance of making you rich but 100% chance of making you a minion to con artists.

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Well I hate garbage talk too but go ahead and read the contract. I'm not a math person but I did some coding. I can follow it. Code doesn't lie about what it's doing. Look at the MINT function call and the variables like miningTarget, you can debug the values in the Read tab.


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