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How is it? Knowing that you never have children is surely terrible, but I imagine it also frees you from ever even having to consider the whole thing. Your life is yours.

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Olympics is a giant waste of money nobody cares about in 2020.

Good luck with that

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>Just wanted to buy some AMD calls for today, because we get the bounce. But when I wanted to press the button something stopped me...
My gut is never wrong. Honestly, the only times I make losses is when I go against it.
Now that futures are dropping I will definitely stay away

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This desu senpai
I can handle a full blown crises. I can short the shit out of everything and buy gold and whatnot

I can not deal with sudden uncontrolled spastics, due to a market getting its algos high on bat flu
If you go all in at least do it with options
Socialism and god punishing our greed.
Also the Bogs

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>Imagine not having bought the dip
>Being scared by -0,5%
Shiggi diggy that mizzle my nizzle

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depends what part of the grill/penus im looking at or focusing on

do you imagine yourself as the grill when two lesbos are strap on fucking eachother?

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