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"Hi I sold drugs on darknet, here's my tax declaration"

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I just bought some of this coin.
W-wish me luck!

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I know there is only one developer and their github is sketchy as fuck. But the press is getting right now will keep it pumping for the next weeks.

Shit may hit the fan when their ICO degrades into a disaster.

Im holding a few weeks. Lets see what happens next.

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Mooning means the value of a coin is raising.
"Its going to the moon".
Use bittrex.com to buy and sell coins. There are some other exchanges, probably some anons will tell you about it but you will be fine with bittrex.
Use a password manager to store a SAFE password for your exchanges. I use keepassx.

Use common sense before investing in a coin.

Dont get frustrated if you dont understand whitepapers (detailed descriptions of the projects behind coins). Barely anyone reads that shit.

When someone says "nice I just bought 100k" they are lying. Its a meme in here.

Lamboland means well Lamborghini land. Owning a fancy car.

Stephannie from lazy town is our lucky token in here.

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Yes it stands for "Never stop mooning".

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