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remember last time we called a squad witch red day?

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whats your performing name hoe

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>install windows98
>cpu problems solved

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well if the BBC warns me of something, it sure as hell must be in my best interest to blindly follow, not do my own research and not invest a single cent into it.

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I don't come here often but... Isnt the whole point of this board to shill the currency you bought?

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>silver shill

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>and pimp your kid for bucks.
This, OP
Daddy and mommy have to eat somehow. Make sure you find him a sugar daddy or something afterwards

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>According to the documents King Digital Entertainment filed recently, Candy Crush Saga generates not $100,000, not $200,000, not $300,000… but a brain exploding $3.5 million EVERY DAY.

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According to /biz/ the only worthwhile degrees are comp science and accounting. Gee Wiz mister.

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