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>july 4th, 2020.

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I estimate gold to be above 3k by the end of the month. xrp should be above $360 and silver $180.

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>imagine thinking this was a coincidence

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just wait when they also restandardize the dollar to Au/Ag and XRPw/Codius...

>t. snagged another 100toz yesterday

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I know it is.
Codius. PayID. Coil.
honestly xrp is based as fuck y’all just forgetting you aren’t immune to programming sometimes. think about it.

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>pick relatedness

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of course. I still plan to flip for sats but down to hold for a few months. for what it’s worth I also got a bag of xlm for similar reasons. I believe deflation will hit before inflation and liquidity coins will have a purpose. but don’t let them get yr sats in the end ! good luck.

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