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My favourite is when they try and pretend to be defenders of /biz/ and concern troll.
It’s feminine as fuck and is a dead giveaway when they’re trying to larp as content controllers when they shouldn’t be lurking here let alone posting, let alone posting in my threads.
They’re putting their soft minds at risk being here with us.

>When i first understood chainlink i had a schizo psycho break, the collective unconscious surrounding chainlink is too strong, i shouldn't be saying this but if you connect to the orb of 42 you will face consequences

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>Idk why you are so angry at someone you don't even know
It’s the same group of faggots (Astro/scruff/unclesamefag) that keep getting laughed out of threads
They don’t use their names anymore out of sheer embarrassment.


We usually have a good conversation and vibe going before shithead barges in claiming he’s on a mission to protect biz from false prophets like me all while calling everyone else a retard.

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Pythagoras is the real OG

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>Now do you believe me?
Didn’t read
Definitely not selling

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>Bulgarian elevator maintenance bulletin board

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They keep shilling chainlink
Very nice

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