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rarity means shit for these shitcoins dumbass. even in 50 years it will still have 0 numismatic value. Imagine being this dumb to think any serious investor would ever pay more than 10% premium to get a coin because it has a fucking chink bear on it let alone 60% premium. You got scammed by chinks moron, get over it

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Its a fucking stablecoin you absolute mongoloids

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why does that change anything?

If I was trying to LARP my balls off, I would also delete the post to make people think it was a real leak

also, the fact that

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>he’s a bitcoin maximalist

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I can tell youre not a software engineer, or familar with developemnt at all

>In the move from BOLT to SQL/GORM we split records out into relations, and then create all a record and its relations separately, outside of a transaction. e.g: for Job Runs.We should make sure these operations are created via a transaction.Rule of thumb: if something does more than one query, or if the power turns off and you could be left in an inconsistent state, wrap it in a transaction.

>Just as a note, the last migration I wrote needed to be outside of a transaction, so I do see the ability to get out of or not be in the transaction seems to be a requirement.

this is literally for database migrations, which are handled BY THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM, and done on a need-basis
this has nothing to do with requester/operator facing features

youre a complete brainlet

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you aren't very bright are you? 1 ounce of gold is 1200 dollars, 1200 dollars are guess what... equal to 300 million bolivar too

I honestly think your brain is damaged, no normal person can be THIS dumb

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there we go

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>Have you ever heard of savings
have you ever heard this thing called "investments"? If you are a sub 50 IQ sumbhuman this word might frighten you and you think you should magically get free money by putting them under the mattress. If you are too dumb to invest you deserve to lose all your money to inflation like a good retard you are

deflation also means lower salaries and income you moron. It doesn't matter if things are cheap if your income is also smaller. Are you this dumb? Can you even do simple math in your head?

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oh yeah I forgot, all economic data and indicators that exist are all fake, except the ones that support your narrative, those are completely real

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>thinking normies will stop using Chrome for brave because it pays you 3 cents a day

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>thinking anyone on /biz/ is retarded enough to think total supply matters more than market cap

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>for a coin that literally exists to tax evade and crime

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Why are you taking pictures of your monitor?

Mobile posters are the absolute worst.

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anyone else here a brainlet that falls for literally every bulltrap?

i havent sold a single coin at the top of jan, the march bull trap to 11.5k, or the april bull trap to 10k.

every single time i think "nice we're back, time for infinite gains"

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Anyone have the brainlet at the bottom? Need that for my no-brain folder.

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>why would an exchange want to list other popular coins and make more money

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>don't watch skate videos to try and improve
>don't skate how you want
That's weird, 'cause your post right before this said:
>skateboarding is what you make it
Huh. Did you mean to say "skateboarding is what I say it is"? 'Cause that's how you sound.

>the whole city will flame you
Oh no! What will I do? I literally wont be able to skate ever again if people don't like me!

You're both pathetic.

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Don't get a present

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how many "gifts" can you get in a year? Like... what's the realistic shit on this? What's the actual law? I never heard of this.

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>coinbase hates money
>coinbase will let new competitors like Robinhood steal their customers without a fight
>coinbase cares for the little guy, they are not covering their ass or anything before listing XRP

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>le Bill Gates is dumb xd

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