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Just take it easy, anons, and take a little break from /biz/.

Probably my last post in this thread, might lurk though, might be healthy to take some time from investing, maybe go on /x/ a bit more for a week or so and then get back into investing.

Nobody won the war without losing a few battles first - let me remind you that your life objectively isn't over because of this. In fact, the better you learn to react now, the better an investor you'll become - the better an investor you become, the better at investing you'll be.

So, try to just exercise some stoicism with regards to this. The implications of your anger/sadness/frustrations will lead to consequences worse than that which called unto them in the first place, in this case, devs rugging everyone.


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What is the best?

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My parents are dead.

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You don't need to worry or stress about anything, anon. It's all going to be OK.

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Imagine being a normie and selling at a accumulation phase, this is not us frens. I am prepared to link hiting $8 just to buy more.

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thanks for the hearty kek anon

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No problem king
I used to get like 3 fat girl matches a week and now get 10 cuties a day and actually meet a lot of them since I got better pics and added a shirtless one. Still nowhere near my final form. The good shit about being a guy is you have so much potential for upwards motility, you can improve so much and once you do you just start improving for your own sake and not for hoes

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Remember the message and stay comfy.

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>ideally we'd hit 1/10th of where link is now so that means it'd be 100k make it and 10k suicide stacks
That'd be around 1$ PNK. Not nearly enough to make it. I'd say if we get half of what link got we are good (marketcap wise)

I think I'm done for accumulation now. I'm getting way too anxious about this.

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It isn’t done, yet. Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. Din-din isn’t yet served. We’re having Coquilles St. Jacques. Look into it. It’s a top-of-the food chain kind of appetizer. Wait. Poorfaggots and plebs like you would have no inkling of what this is or even how to make it.
You’ll eat it. You’ll love it. And you will want more. Time to level up, faggot.

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stfu handhold spelling out faggot, nobody here waiting for a nigger shitter explaining the golden coin to every new fag. fuck them. if they cant DYOR theyre fucked and missing out, I dont give a fuck. Stop holding their hand

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>shape up
hahaha the good old shaming tactic
you know what to do OP

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even if I think cynically and pessimistically, I still think it will 5x. Crypto is finally growing again, and once BTC approaches and continuously breaks all time highs again, normies will once again flood into the space, and alt season will truly begin, with coins going up 100-200% per day like they did in December 2017 and January 2018. OGN will be popular enough by then that it will attract normie interest. Even if the team crumbles or the project doesn't work out, I still think it is a good buy in the short term. It has serious potential, just remains to be seen whether the team can turn that potential into a profitable reality

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Im not even selling at $1750

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What Does FUD mean, /biz/?

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What is a high quality item that we should consider improving our lives with now we're making it?
Not Lambos and gaudy shit. Useful, high quality equipment that will last and bring us joy.
Tools? Boots? A dyson?

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the important thing is you've found a way to feel superior while we make way more money than you

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>this month
F is down 27% YTD, TQQQ is up YTD. If you're too much of a nigger bitch faggot for TQQQ then at least go with SSO (boomer500) or QLD (QQQ). Both of which existed before, and survived through, the GFC.

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this is called success. your opinion about the market was right. your risk taking was worth it. this is the reward. your bonus. of cause you could bought more back then. that's not the point. the point is you were right. a lot of people look at charts and think "if i bought that dip and sold at the ath with leverage i would be a millionaire today". that is bull shit. not even the hedge fonds managers can predict prices like that. imagine you didn't buy back then. that thought hurts. good luck, fren.

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