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news would have us believe the hedgies closed out on gme.. but have they really?
My kneejerk reaction would be no, the kikes are just trying to convince people to sell but I'm schizo. Someone tell me what the fuck is happening.

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if this has been happening all the time how come no company ever took them to court? if they bankrupted your business by doing this surely you'd try?

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Are we going to crash or climb to 100k+?

>hardmode: no ta no tether fud no muh normies

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bitcoin is quiet. two quiet.

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Bitcoin is quiet. Two quiet.

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couldn't sergey use his $LINKies as collateral, borrow some shitcoins, open massive shorts on those shitcoins, and dump them to oblivion?

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Janny is OP

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everything seems to be in order, but ti'll be watching!

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That is, how infamous is it? Do devs and insiders actually lurk/post here? Have any provided any real proof? Do teams shill there own coins here or is the Satsgang FUD real? How much attention did the CL hype bring? Too many questions, too low of an IQ.

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they clam to let you trade crypto, and indices, foex and commodities with bitcoin. has anyone used it?

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unironically why do these males make this face?

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how can i get paid to make pepes and wojaks?

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tell me the next x2

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a few digimarines who got lost on the mission seem to have found their way home recently. could it be happening?

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Imagine chainlink but with sexy grils

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Checked. He also deleted a high IQ thread about a certain wallet on etherscan. Janny if you're reading this, answer me this: why do you insist on leaving shit tier trap threads up and deleting ones with serious breadcrumbs and discussion.

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wasss dat gooey on your finger

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everything appears to be in order here. but never forget - i'll be watching

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everything seems to be in order here.
but don't forget - i'll be watching.

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is renting out a home gym a good idea at the moment?

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why did the market decide that bitcoin is $1000 less valuable than it was 3 days ago?

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how the fuck did he post without ID?

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