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Why are you so stupid and ugly, mentally and physically damaged both here and in reality? I have literally never seen you post anything remotely intelligent, original or funny here. All you do is shit up the place with you 8 syllable sentences and let everyone know it was indeed you who dropped that turd of a "thought" on this board.
Thanks to you I have started to advocate for euthanasia to be accessible without any specific reason to everyone, so you could freely end your existence on this planet, because you will NEVER EVER find happiness nor wealth with your cruel handicaps.
Everyone wishes you were dead, ESPECIALLY your family, nobody loves you and nobody likes the idea of having deranged cripple who only produces debt, misery and uncertainty in their family. They might never say it out loud but everytime they look at you they wish you would die already and would stop being a baggage of depression to them.
Maybe you think you are strong just by virtue of existing - but you couldn't be more wrong, the people around you tolerating your existence, the family of yours who carries you as an emotional and financial burden, the doctors pointlessly trying to cure you, THEY are strong. You however, are just a rotting, retarded waste of oxygen and protein.
Do one good and brave thing and end the suffering for them and for you.
Kill yourself.

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