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Is a hair transplant a good investment?

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Elon's hair transplant make them look like a good investment. Increased him from 3/4 out of ten to a 6/7/8 out of ten looks wise.

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Musk's hair looks perfect and his transplant cost around 20k.

Dont fuck with hormone pills or addictive rogaine foams

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How much for this level of hair transplant? My hair is only thinning on top rn but I also am not naive and see the writing on the walls... also how much for a gorilla? Including cost of the enclosure, food, ect.
>portfolio about 30k rn, 25 years old

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How to turn 60k Into enough money to live off dividends for ever? (Which I don’t know how much I’ll need)

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There's plenty of wealthy people who are ugly as sin. Also, ugly people can use their money to look more attractive, but they weren't born that way.

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As long as we keep taking in the worlds nerds and turning them into Chad's while the unwashed stupid masses gorge themselves on fried carbohydrates and mindless television we will remain stable. This requires us to protect the petrodollar at all costs with our stupid big dick swinging army.

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Going bald twice. Even if you get a hair transplant you’ll go bald again and again since your genes are still DHT sensitive. They will still attack the follicle even if it’s not “your” (donor) hair. Imagine planting roses in the desert.

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Oil ftw

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