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>Bought at $4.90
>Sold at $2.10 after pornstar
>Bought back in at $2.70

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>nah thats not what im saying at all i think you got it all wrong there pal i think you need to revisit that one and evaluate and then mull it over and then sit tight on it but dont try to boil the ocean then come back and you'll have the answer
Listen here Jack, I'm gonna set you straight. I'll only say this once so listen up, Fat. This virus isn't going anywhere. Let me repeat myself, this virus isn't going anywhere. Back in my day we didn't call it covid whatever; we called it the "Shanghai Shivers". OK, here's the deal, Slick. I used to know a guy, went by the name Cornflake Jackson. Ol' Cornflake used to play guitar down at the pool hall. He caught the Shanghai Shivers one year and let me tell you, if Cornflake Jackson says, "It ain't no thang" you can take that to the bank, Buckaroo. That's how I know you're full of shit. I'd punch your daughter straight in the mouth.

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