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>To the level headed anons in this thread. I've picked up the basics of databases in college and how to create some simple stuff in python with flask.
>Could I dive into some blockchain and try to develop some simple databases?

i'm not sure if you're asking this exactly, but it would be a great idea for you to build your own flask app to track all the crypto projects you find and categorize and annotate and sort them. later you can even pull in market cap data from CMC's API and other stuff like that.

by combining the two you will 100% for sure learn both skills better and faster (crypto research and programming).

if you continue down that path, before long you will probably be making tools and block explorers and other stuff for up-and-coming crypto projects that you also happen to have a stack in.

congrats, you're getting it.

btw, i write custom web apps to track almost everything i do in the crypto world.

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